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Celebrating our Most Inspirational Members

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Thank-you for all of the amazing Granite Member nominations. We've taken these nominations down to the top 4 and now it's time to vote! Now through Sunday, October 15th, you can vote for your Granite's Most Inspirational Member. We'll announce the winner during our member appreciation event on November 11.

At Granite, we're very passionate about fitness for our members. One thing we strive to do is create great fitness experiences. Our biggest event of the year is our Member Appreciation Day coming up in November. This is our opportunity to celebrate YOU... our members. Help us find Granite's most inspirational member and let's celebrate together!

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Kori Keller

Not happy with her scale's comments on her weight, Kori reached out to a Granite Instructor for additional help and creating a plan. With her biggest challenge being food, Kori teamed up with Darcy Balsam for Nutritional coaching. After some hard work and behavior changes, Kori's lost over 30lbs and loves the new muscle definition in her shoulders. She's stronger, sleeps better, and her mental health is the best it's been. She attributes much of her success to the atmosphere and members at Granite.

"Just start. Take a step out of your comfort zone. Seek accountability. Stick close to people who support your journey."

Teal Pates

Teal's fitness journey started about 6 years ago when she joined Granite after having her first child. Her ambition grew into passion after her having her second child. As every mother probably feels, getting her body back to where it was before was a challenge that Teal overcame by training harder and building not only confidence but strength. Her biggest accomplishment is winning the 8.5 Mile Warrior Run for the female division in the Summer of 2016. Through her training, Teal's found her "knack" and is pursuing fitness as a career this Fall wanting nothing more than to motivate and help others find fitness.

"Don't give up. Push past any limits you have ever set. Believe in yourself. Love yourself."

Chuck Simcox

After retiring in 2014, Chuck started noticing some unhealthy weight gain from being a lot less active. With an addiction to soda and reaching a 41" waist, he realized it was time for a change and formulated a plan. Chuck started with his diet and basic exercising in his living room which he soon expanded by joining Granite. In a few short months of increasing his activity, Chuck lost 60-70lbs and 8" off his waist. It's been a struggle pushing himself with asthma attacks but Chuck attributes his success to setting small attainable goals. Chuck also recognizes the new community the gym provides with other members having similar goals and the Granite team that encourages and motivates him. At 70 years old, Chuck's doctor now tells him that he is in better shape than people half his age.

Hard work is the best advice I can give. If a person goes to the gym just to feel good, they will never reach their goals.... To accomplish hard work, a plan is necessary and you'll need to get out of your comfort zone.

Leif Welhaven

Leif decided to make a change during the holidays and some personal reflection. Living with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and pain in his back and knees from carrying extra weight finally made Leif draw a line in the sand. He immediately set a New Year's goal of working out a full 365 days and losing 100lbs. Knowing he couldn't do it alone, he sought out guidance from Granite staff and started working with Darcy Balsam with Nutrition Coaching. On day 270, Leif has lost 90lbs of his 100lb challenge and has not only become healthier but has even ran nine different 5K's and one 10K. Leif's wife has been an amazing support throughout his journey especially with cooking and eating healthier at home. There are so many changes you can see in Leif but many are one's you can't as he feels more confident, outgoing, and friendly.

"I used to plan my life and then try and squeeze a work out in here and there. Now I schedule my work out first and then squeeze life in and around it! Surround yourself with Good People and Good Things will Happen!"

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