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Congratulations to all our Nominees

Granite received some amazing member nominations for our 2018 Most Inspirational Member award. While we had only one winner, you can find out about all of the finalists.

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Granite's 2018 Most Inspirational Member

Congratulations Lizzie Jaeger

When did your fitness journey begin?

I pretty much started my fitness journey at birth. When I was in the NICU, I was very sick and I was unable to move my body. Physical and occupational therapists started doing exercises with me, and I've been at it ever since. I'm happy to say that I've grown to love it!

What was your motivation? Why did you become a member at Granite?

One of my favorite exercises is getting in my gait trainer and walking on the treadmill. I recently grew out of my old one. When the new, bigger one arrived, it wouldn't fit on our home treadmill. My mom thought it would fit on the treadmill at Granite. She asked Granite if I could join and use my gait trainer on their treadmill. They agreed. I'm thankful I can still use the treadmill and becoming a member has been the best experience! I make a new friend every time I'm there and people are nice to me. They encourage me and cheer me on.

I love how strong I'm getting!!! Im learning to do more things on my own. That excites me and makes me want to keep going. I also love how it feels to walk and move my body. What challenges did you overcome along the way? I can't swallow, and until I was about six years old, I couldn't hold my trunk and neck up. I aspirated my own secretions and so got pneumonia all the time. The summer I turned six my mom took me to a three week intensive therapy program. I worked hard on my core muscles three hours a day. I continue to work hard and get stronger. I hardly ever get pneumonia now. Also, I can help my mom with getting me into my wheelchair. I feel proud!

What's your greatest fitness accomplishment to date?

I recently walked .85 miles on the treadmill. Last year I could only go .25 miles! This feels like such a big accomplishment!

Who or what has helped you achieve this?

I have a whole team of people that help me. We call it TEAM LIZZY. My mom is the captain. The rest of the team is made up of my grandma, nurses, and therapists. I also have to mention the people at Granite and members. They all encourage me. It makes me feel strong and proud, like I can really do it.

How has fitness affected your life?

Like I said before, fitness has helped me to stay healthy. I now have a strong cough to help prevent pneumonia. I feel strong and confident. It has given me an opportunity to meet some really great people, and most importantly, I have the best time walking, listening to music, and singing as loud as I can!!!

What is ONE piece of advice you can give someone else just starting their journey?

Find an area of fitness you love and never let fear of failure or what other people think hold you back from trying something.

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