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Adult Programs

Exclusive fitness programs found only at Granite Health and Fitness that are tailored for you and your particular lifestyle and schedule. Our certified instructors help provide the motivation and education to help you reach your fitness goals.


Available to Members and Non-Members
Member Price Non-Member Price
$300.00 $375.00

Price includes 10 coaching sessions. Please contact us if you would like to learn more and sign up.

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Helping you Achieve Better Results through Proper Nutrition

Granite's Nutrition Coaching

If you are wanting to create great results, then working out is only part of the puzzle. Making sure your nutrition on point is a critical element in achieving your goals! Granite's Nutrition Coaching program can help you achieve better results by dialing your nutrition in to achieve the goal you are after.

What is all included in Granite Nutrition Coaching?

  • 10 Weeks of Personalized Attention
  • Weekly meetings with your coach
  • Recommended ranges for nutrition intake
  • Meal and recipe suggestions
  • Food log check ins with your coach
  • Resources to help educate you on proper nutrition and how to make good choices

Personalized Plan

Granite Health and Fitness has several Nutrition Coaches to work with each with their own certifications and dietary specialties (like allergies). Please contact us if you would like to learn more and sign up.

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