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It's time to Step Up Your Fitness Game! Earn some amazing prizes simply by attending any Group and Small Group Training classes. This is a great opportunity to try your new favorite class.

Step UP Your Fitness Game

Kicking off Friday, March 10th - April 15th

Join us for March Fitness Madness! From March 10 - April 15, for every class or small group training session you attend - have your instructor stamp your card. After you've attended 10 classes, bring your card up to our Front Desk and redeem for a prize and start the next card. All cards redeemed at the Front Desk will go into a drawing for a 6 month FREE All-Access Membership.

Anyone that fills up all 5 cards will go on our March Fitness Madness 2017 plaque honoring our Card 5 MVP's.

How to Get Started

Starting Friday, March 10, at Granite's Blacklight Class Launch, you can pick up your Game Cards at our Front Desk. Along with Card #1, you'll receive a Granite branded lanyard to help organize your cards.

Last Day to Turn in your Cards is April 19

Turn in your completed or incomplete player cards to our Front Desk on or before Wednesday, April 19 for a chance at our Grand Prize drawing for a 6 month FREE All-Access Membership. We will announce the winner and Card #5 MVP's at our upcoming Group Training Class launch on Saturday, April 22.

Group Training Class Launch

New Member Specials

New Members can join in the Madness and take advantage of
NO Initiation Fee from March 10 - April 15 and NO Initiation AND NO Processing Fees on March 10 and March 11.

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Earn some Amazing Prizes

Pickup your Card starting March 10th

Pick up and redeem your cards at our Front Desk starting Friday, March 10. Make sure your name is printed legibly on the card. Each card redeemed will go into a drawing for a FREE 6-month All-Access Membership Giveaway.

Anyone who fills out all 5 March Fitness Madness player cards will go on our March Fitness Madness 2017 plaque honoring our Granite Member MVPs.

Card Number Prize Earned
Card 1 FREE food/drink item up to $3.00
Card 2 March Fitness Madness T-Shirt
Card 3 Granite Travel Workout Pack
  • Resistance Band
  • Performance Jump Rope
  • Travel Workout / Interval Timer Smart App
Download the Workout  Watch the Video
Card 4 Granite Nutrition Kit
  • Travel Salad Compartment Bowl
  • 5 Granite Nutrition Recipes
Download the Recipes
Card 5 Granite Performance Fitness Backpack
Get Social to Earn Extra Stamps

Earn Double-Stamps      

Earn Double-Stamps by posting and sharing on your favorite social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use the following schedule and show your post to the class instructor to participate. Be sure to include the appropriate hashtag and include @granitebillings so we're notified.

Kick-Off Weekend #sweatyselfie

March 10 - March 12

Earn a double stamp for any/all launch classes attended and sharing a #sweatyselfie pic to @granitebillings

Week 1 #luckyfriday

Friday, March 17

Earn a double stamp by attending a class wearing green and sharing a #luckyfriday pic to @granitebillings. Our Card 2 prize is a Green March Fitness Madness shirt to help your motivation.

Week 2 #motivatedmonday

Monday, March 20

Earn a double stamp by attending a class and sharing a #motivatedmonday quote or meme to @granitebillings

Week 3 #travelfit

March 26 - April 1

Earn one double stamp by posting a selfie doing the #travelfit workout (Card 3 Prize) to @granitebillings. Limit 1 double-stamp per member.

Week 4 #yougotthis

Saturday, April 8

Earn a double-stamp by attending any Small Group Training class on April 8 and share a #yougotthis selfie to @granitebillings

Week 5 #fresheats

April 9 - April 15

Earn a double-stamp by posting a selfie or photo of your prepared Granite #fresheats recipe (Card 4 Prize) to @granitebillings. Limit 1 double-stamp per recipe, per member.

March Fitness Madness Prizes