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Kids Programs

It's never too early to start being healhty and having fun. Granite Health and Fitness offeres a variety of programs and education activities for kids.

Granite's KidsClub!

Children under an All-Access Family Membership are provided their own membership profile and card allowing them to "check-in" along with their parents. KidsClub! is available at our Granite Sport location for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. We're committed to providing our Granite Kids a fun, safe, and excellent experience every time they come to our facility. Please review our Youth Access Policy for any questions about kids accessing Granite's ameneties.

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Child Care is now Included with Granite Family Memberships

Granite's KidsClub!

Granite Health and Fitness is excited to announce our newly remodeled All-Access* Family Membership which now includes child care! We invite you to add your children to your membership and begin enjoying the all-inclusive benefits of a Family Membership. Granite offers two types of child care for members: Drop In Daycare Drop In Daycare means you will be staying in the building. Please let us know where you will be exercising so we can contact you in case an emergency situation arises.

Benefits of an All-Access Family Membership

  • KidsClub! Included Drop In child care at no additonal costs.
  • Included Pool Access with parent supervision.
  • Simpler Membership Structure.
  • Financial savings with features now included.

*All Granite Sport Location Memberships are All-Access.

Support and Contact    Membership Types  

Parent Guidelines

We do require all parents to know and follow the policies! These help to ensure your child has a safe experience in our care!

Age Requirements

We allow kids 6 weeks to 12 years to be in the daycare.

Check In/Check Out

Parents, please make sure your child is fully checked in and checked out properly before leaving. It helps us keep track of the kiddos and could be incredibly important in an emergency situation. Please bring anything your child will need while in our care including snacks, drinks, or diapering needs. Granite does NOT change cloth diapers. If you would like us to change your child, please make sure they are in a disposable diaper when they are dropped off or we will not change the child's diaper and will alert the parent that the child needs to be changed. Also, only staff is allowed to open the gates to let kids in and out for safety reasons.

Labels and Name Tags

Upon arrival, please put a name tag on your child's back with your child's name and any allergies he/she may have. Also label any of your child's belongings with a name tag. If a snack is being left for a child it MUST be labeled. Please leave snacks and cups in the child's bag or in one of the bags Granite provides. We try to keep our counter clear of snacks to avoid confusion between the kids. If snacks are not labeled then we will not hand them out. If using Drop Off Daycare, make sure to leave your phone number in case an emergency arises.

Drop Off Daycare

Drop Off Daycare means you will be leaving the building. Drop Off Daycare is an additional charge each time you use it. Sign in first at the front desk. You will also sign in at the daycare desk on the Drop OFF sheet Before you come to pick up and sign out your child, stop by the front desk and get your paid receipt to take back to the daycare staff. Daycare staff must have proof of payment. If you have any questions or concerns about your daycare payment, please speak with a manager about it and not the daycare staff. Also, please don't get upset with staff inside the daycare as it upsets the little ones that are in our care! A manager will be happy to speak with you to get any issues you may have resolved!

Please make sure that you are aware of the daycare's hours prior to leaving your child. If you are late to pick up your child, we do have a $15.00 late fee that will be charged to you. Please be on time! If timeliness of pick up is a consistent issue, a temporary suspension of daycare use may be enforced.

Granite Daycare Behavior and Discipline Policies

It is Granite's policy that the parent should be notified if their child has been crying for more than 15 minutes. We don't want the little ones having a hard time! If this is a continual problem, the manager will gladly sit down with the parent and try to come up with a solution to ease the child into the daycare more smoothly.

We believe there are three factors involved in helping children behave:

  • Setting reasonable, clear rules
  • Dealing reasonably with broken rules, and
  • Being a good model for the children (acting in ways that you want the children to act).

Granite's Daycare has three very important rules:

  • You may not hurt yourself.
  • You may not hurt others (hurt can be emotional as well as physical).
  • You may not hurt things (toys, furniture, etc).

If a child is breaking our three rules, our discipline policy is:

  • 1st time: 2 minute time out from play.
  • 2nd time: 5 minute time out from play.
  • 3rd time: Parent will be notified and child will need to be removed from the daycare for the day.

We do keep a record of any behavioral issues. If behavioral issues are a consistent challenge, the parent will be contacted by a manager to see if the behavioral issues can be resolved. If not, the child will be asked not to return to the daycare for a set period of time.

If the child is attempting to or is hurting another child on purpose, parent will be notified immediately that they are to come get the child. If the child is asked to leave the daycare for attempting to hurt someone twice, they will be suspended from the daycare for 2 weeks. If this suspension system happens twice, they may be asked to permanently leave the daycare. We take your child's safety very seriously.

Sick Policy

Parents, we ask that you do not bring your child into daycare if:

  • Your child has had a fever of 101 degrees F. or higher in the past 24 hours.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea has occurred more than once in the past 24 hours.
  • Your child has a contagious illness such as chicken pox, strep throat or pink eye.
  • Your child has an unidentified rash.
  • Your child has a constant, thick, colored nasal discharge

If our staff is noticing any of the above, Granite reserves the right to ask you to take the child home as a precautionary measure to not spread colds and viruses to the other kids.

If your child has a fever or vomits in our staff's care, we will ask that you sign our sick policy agreement stating that you will not bring the child in for 24 hours.


Our Granite staff is committed to maintaining a clean, orderly area, picking up as needed and sanitizing toys and surfaces frequently. Because of our health codes and to help keep our daycare clean, shoes are not allowed in the daycare and SOCKS ARE REQUIRED. Socks are available for purchase at the front desk if you forget, but all kiddos must wear socks.


Please bring your child's snacks in a labeled snack bag. Please inform Granite Daycare staff of any allergies or instructions about your child's snack or drink. Snacks are available for purchase at the front desk. If your child has allergies, please notify our staff every time you drop your child off. Our daycare is NUT FREE but we ask that you continue to let us know at each visit. In addition, if you send your child with a snack that contains peanuts or tree nuts, we will not serve that snack.

Toys From Home

Toys from home are not allowed.

Devices and Technology

Parents if your child brings an Ipad or tablet into our daycare we ask that you have parental settings set and know that Granite staff reserves the right to take such technology away from the child if inappropriate content is being viewed. That includes movies, TV shows, games, and apps such as YouTube. We want our daycare to stay kid friendly at all times and we have children of all ages under our care. Staff does consistently check to see what the children are doing and if we feel it is inappropriate for a daycare setting then we will remove the item until you come and pick up your child.


Parents, it is your responsibility to notify us EVERY time you come in if your child has an allergy that we need to be aware of! We will ask you to write your child's allergy on your child's name tag and place it on the child's back. Before serving snacks, we always make sure to check them for a tag as sometimes the kiddos sneak snacks from other kids. Even though we are a nut free daycare sometimes things can slip in and we believe awareness is a key in preventing life threatening mistakes.

Lost and Found Items

Items that are found will be placed in the Lost & Found Bin for one week. On Saturday afternoons, the Lost & Found Bin items will be donated. Please check the bin immediately if you feel your child may have left something! (if the item is clearly labeled - we will do our best to return it to you!)