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Measurements and Testing

In order to achieve the most effective fitness results, members and athletes require accurate tools for measuring and assessing their progress. The better you understand your body composition, the better you can make changes and improve.

More Accurate View of Your Training Progress

Body Composition And Measurement Testing

Body measurements are a great method to visualize and track your progress in fitness whether losing weight, building muscle, or simply getting healthier. These external measurements however, don't always present enough data for progress being made inside your body. While you may have weight coming off your body, this isn't always a clear indicator of good health because you can't distinqush what type of weight is coming off, body fat or lean body mass (muscle).

Discounted Cost for Granite Members

Testing is done on-site at Granite Sport the first weeks of every Month.

 Quantity*Member CostNon-Member Cost
InBody 7701$15.00$25.00

*Limited to one session per month.

The most powerful body scanner and reporting tool

InBody 770

This is the one of the most accurate body composition pieces of equipment on earth (when compared to the DXA machine, "the gold standard"), it has over 98% accuracy...and can be completed in less than one minute for measuring body fat percentage, lean body muscle mass, intra- versus extra-cellular water, segmental lean mass versus fat mass breakdown of trunk and all limbs, visceral fat area, phase angle of cell integrity, and basal metabolic rate.

Testing Schedule

Body Composition Testing is done on-site at Granite Health + Fitness Sport Location (3838 Ave B) usually the first part of every Month.

Use the following form to schedule your appointment. Remember to show up a few minutes early to check in at our Front Desk. Please present your receipt at time of your appointment.