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Summer Transformation Contest

Whether you've set new goals or continuing to work hard on your New Year Resolution, Granite wants to help you make this your Summer of Results!

Helping you make this Your Summer of Results

10 Week Transformation Challenge

June 13 - August 21, 2021

With the weather warming up, Summer is when your fitness goals are put to the test. For a lot of people, this is when you either renew your New Year's Resolution commitment or start setting new fitness goals. Granite wants to help with our Summer Transformation Contest. For 10 weeks (June 13 - August 21), we will guide you on how to create great results that LAST. And, we're offering some incentive if you do!

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Win $500.00

Participants will start with a "before" photo* and InBody Composition/Measurement scan. After the 10 weeks, the program concludes with an "after" photo* and InBody Composition/Measurement. A winner will be selected by a panel of certified personal trainers who will decide who's made the biggest transformation based on photos and body scan results. The winner will receive a check for $500.00. That's right, $500.00!!

Get Social and Win      

Participate in our weekly motivational challenge by posting to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #graniteSTC2021 to enter to win weekly giveaways.

What's Included

  • 2 x Body Compsition/Measurements
  • Exclusive Access to Weekly Content
  • Fitness/Nutrition Tips & Articles
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Fitness Workouts
  • Motivation Challenge
  • Transformation Swag Bag and t-shirt (will receive at initial check in)
  • Weekly Participation Giveaways
  • $500.00 to overall winner

Member Pricing

Sign up early! We will contact you beginning May 17th to schedule your initial Body Composition/Measurements.

Price Per Member$75.00

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*Your photo will only be used to measure your progress. It will not be used or shared for any other purpose.