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Join us for some fun and games...and AWESOME PRIZES!!

Bingo Challenge 2022

Let's play some fitness BINGO!

Register today to get your Granite BINGO Card for only $20/Bingo Card. Only 250 game boards are available.

April 18th - May 15th

For every row you fill out, you win a free food or drink item of your choice (up to $3.50) from our Front Desk. You also win a ticket which you will drop into the giveaway drawing of your choice! Rows are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal - so there are 12 ways to fill out your rows and you can win for each one of them!

If you conquer the game and get a BLACKOUT, you get an ADDITIONAL 12 tickets to drop into the giveaway drawing of your choice! You are also entered to win your next 6 months of Granite membership for FREE!

How To Get Started

Register online or at the front desk and get your BINGO card. Each card is unique, so your card will be registered to you. Don't lose it!

Starting April 18th, start working to check off your BINGO squares! For each item you complete, notify a trainer, instructor, or front desk staff member and they will give you the official BINGO stamp on your square. (Imposter stamps not accepted.)

We will be offering several different class options, training sessions and fitness challenges during our 4 week BINGO challenge to help you complete your card while having a GREAT time!

Pricing Information

$20.00 per Bingo Card

Register today! Special BINGO Events

News & Upcoming Events

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Granite Committed Challenge

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