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Exclusive fitness programs found only at Granite Health and Fitness that are tailored for you and your particular lifestyle and schedule. Our certified instructors help provide the motivation and education to help you reach your fitness goals.


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Safety and Sustainability are our #1 Priorities

Granite's 20 LB Challenge

Members can now register ONLINE!

Join our certified and experienced personal trainers and take on our 20 lb challenge! For 8 weeks, you will be challenged to step up your workouts, clean up your food choices, and given support, tools, and guidance to make it happen! We will ask you to make a big commitment for these 8 weeks - but in return for that big commitment, we will help you get BIG results! This is NOT a crash diet - safety and sustainability are OUR #1 priorities - we want the weight to stay off! We won't promote any fad diets or any health-risking workouts, and workouts and nutrition goals will be tailored to you and YOUR personal goals and requirements. We want you to be successful in a way that you can maintain for a lifetime - and we can't wait to get started!

Now includes Body Composition Testing with on location InBody 770 Scans!

Prizes For Top Male And Female

Top Male and Female Loser (as determined by biggest percentage of total weight lost) gets their entire registration fee back! Anyone who loses the goal of 20 lbs gets $100 back towards future membership dues. Everyone who registers gets a 20 lb Challenge Team Shirt and a 20 lb Challenge Digital Manual that will have information on healthy eating, recipes, lifestyle strategies, workouts, and motivation and goal setting tips!


Days Times Location Team Color
Tues/Thurs 5:45pm-6:45pm Granite Sport Lime Green
Tues/Thurs 5:30am-6:30am Granite Sport Orange
Wed/Fri 9:15am-10:15am Granite Sport Black
Tues/Thurs 5:45pm-6:45pm Granite Fit Grey

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What Makes Granite's 20 LB Challenge Different?

  • The group dynamic helps participants be accountable not only to their trainer but also to everyone in the group.
  • It is a long-term sustainable program. Participants learn that this is lifestyle change not just an eight week change.
  • The nutrition portion of the program is not just a cookie cutter plan for every person. Each person's goals are taken into account when they meet with their trainer. They are given realistic weight and calorie goals.
  • The comraderi between the participants make it a family type attitude. Everyone looks out for each other, and supports one another.
  • Granite's 20 LB Challenge is for all levels, and body types! Everyone has their own reasons for being in the program. All these are goals are taken very seriously no matter what the goal is.

Who Should Consider Granite's 20 LB Challenge?

  • Anyone who has a specific weight loss goal no matter how large or small.
  • Anyone who would enjoy the group workout effect!
  • Anyone who is interested in improving their overall fitness level.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how implementing realistic nutritional goals can change your life!

Shelly Theroux

Shelly began her career in the fitness industry in 1983. She has had the opportunity to teach and train in areas throughout the US, including St.Paul MN, Fort Worth TX, Seattle WA, and San Francisco CA.She specializes in strength training, functional fitness and group training. Shelly's interests include, Mountain Biking, Dirt Biking and camping.

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Gina McQueen

Gina has been in the fitness industry since 2004 teaching both large and small group fitness classes. She has carried her passion for fitness into personal training and hopes to inspire others to be healthy and physically fit. She believes that fitness should be both functional and enjoyable! Finding a workout that's right for you personally is the key to creating healthy habits. She believes that with the proper motivation, dedication, and fitness plan, anyone can succeed in their fitness goals. Gina emphasizes overall health and wellness through smart weight loss, muscular endurance, strength training, and nutrition planning. Her goal is to help clients create, enjoy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Christie Linner

I've always been active and wasn't until I was older that I realized that I had a passion for fitness and helping others reach their health & fitness goals. I know that not everyone loves working out, my hopes are that I can introduce programs or workouts that people enjoy and want to continue to come back. I love to empower people mentally and physical through motivation, education and inspiration. I am continuously working to gain more certifications to better educate myself in the industry. My passions include: Camping, hiking, boating and competing in Spartan Obstacle Races.