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Now is the time to begin planning your meals out and having a consistent exercise routine that you can follow.

Healthy Routine after Summer

By: Shara Overstreet GM/Owner Granite Health and Fitness

For many of us, Labor Day comes with a feeling of excitement. Sure, you loved summer and all that came with it; but between camping trips, kids' sports, cookouts, vacations, and endless parties, you are exhausted and your body may have taken a bit of a toll!

Fall signifies getting life back in order. You are ready to set a schedule and take that time once again for you. Now is the time to begin planning your meals out and having a consistent exercise routine that you can follow.


Decide what time in the day works best for you. There is no time during the day that is better from a fat burning standpoint, but I have found that early mornings are the only time when there isn't anything unexpected that pops up and prevents you from getting your workouts in. Set yourself up for success by scheduling your workouts like meetings you can't miss. Find the time and stay consistent. No matter how long you've been off the wagon, never push yourself too hard getting back on track. Think of working out in terms of longevity and lifestyle, not a quick, temporary fix.

  • Figure out what physical activities you enjoy doing. If you don't like it, chances are, you won't stick with it.
  • 2-3 days of 30-45 minutes of resistance training. I encourage people to lift weights in order to burn the maximum amount of fat and build lean muscle
  • 2-3 days of cardio. Cardio exercise is great for burning calories and important for heart health.
  • 2-3 days of core and flexibility. Core strength is critical for building a strong body to create the best platform for all other exercises. Flexibility reduces the chances of injury, increases mobility and improves your posture.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Creating a plan that excites you will help you be happier and healthier.


Sit down and plan out all your meals for the week. Meal prepping ensures you always have options that fit your dietary needs because you've planned in advance and prepared your own food. This makes sticking to your diet significantly easier.

  • ke a shopping list and do most of your grocery shopping on Sunday. (Or whenever your slowest day is)
  • Cook in mass quantities to make the meals much easier to prepare during the week. Cook 5 lbs of chicken breast, cook brown rice, chop up vegetables, cut up fruit… Doing these types of activities will save you quite a bit of time throughout the week.
  • Aim for 4-6 small meals per day

You may have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Getting back into a healthy routine after summer vacation is very achievable by creating a plan and staying consistent. Do what you have to do to get on that healthy train again. Create a plan that excites you and will make you healthier and happy.