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Leading an active lifestyle is one of th emost important things we can teach our children.

Keeping Kids Active

By Jen Farewell, Daycare Lead at Granite Health and Fitness

As parents, we all want whatís best for our children. Most new parents, when asked, say they donít care if their baby is a boy or a girl; they just want a healthy child. That doesnít change as they get older. Leading an active lifestyle is one of the most important things we can teach our children.

At Granite Health and Fitness we believe in starting early when it comes to encouraging active lifestyles. By giving our kids active gym time each day, they are encouraged to move their bodies and use their creativity to explore and discover what interests and excites them. We offer sports programs such as soccer, basketball, and swim lessons which are a great way to get started and introduce a child to something they may come to truly enjoy and excel at.

When kids are active their bodies can do the things they want and need them to because regular exercise provides so many incredible benefits.

Granite Health and Fitness recognizes the importance of starting young and teaching kids healthy habits from the start. Our goal is to show them that fun and activity can coexist in many different ways we hope this will build a good foundation for a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. In our world today, we live such busy day to day lives it can be difficult to find time to fit physical activity into each day or even week. As a mother of three I know this struggle all too well and have experienced the difficulty of incorporating fitness into everyoneís busy schedule. My own included! Here are a few keys to keeping your family active:

Don't rely on organized sports?

Especially in the younger age groups, kids arenít as active as you think. Coaches have to make sure everyone gets a turn so some children spend a lot of time standing around. Itís also important to recognize that organized sports arenít for everyone. Just like adults, each child is different.

Turn off the screens

Admittedly, I would be hypocritical in giving this advice. This is something we have been working hard to change in our family. Only one in eight TV shows are actual learning opportunities for children. By turning off the electronics your child will naturally go find something else to do and odds are it will be something active that will help the developing brain and body.

Lead by example

A study in 2010 found that 6 year old girls were 3.5 times more likely to watch 4 hours of television a day if their parents did the same for two to four hours a day. It showed that boys were 10 times more likely if their parents set that same example. Show them that there is so much more to life!

Donít compare your kid to others ? Each and every child is different. They develop differently and have different tastes including what motivates them to be active. Age should never be a factor when having expectations on the performance of children. Not only do their minds develop at different rates but their bodies do as well.

When kids are active, their bodies can do the things they want and need them to because regular exercise provides so many incredible benefits. It helps build muscles, encourages weight control, promotes better sleep, and an overall better outlook on life. All of these things will help your child as they grow and develop into young adults and beyond.