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It's absolutely possible to maintain your health goals while on vacation, and may be more fun than you think.

Going on Vacation? Take your Healthy Habits with You!

By Jennifer Thompson, Program Director at Granite Health & Fitness, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

It's finally here - that wonderful time of year when the sun starts to shine for longer hours and the temperature goes up! After a winter that had multiple snow storms and temperatures breaking record lows, summer has never looked so appealing! For most people, summer means more time outside, firing up the outdoor grill, and maybe even a vacation.

A vacation can be that well-deserved break from our daily routine. But, it can also be a break from our healthy habits such as eating right and exercising regularly. If you have worked hard to improve your fitness, then it may not be something you want to take a break from while taking a break from everything else.

Is it possible to maintain your health goals while on vacation? The answer is YES - you can absolutely maintain your health goals while on vacation, and it may be more fun than you think. Here are 4 ideas to stay on track while on vacation:

Try New Things

Vacation is a great time to mix it up! If you normally exercise inside, take your workout to the great outdoors and go for a hike! If you are on the open water and have access to rent a kayak, grab a paddle and go to work. Try some new activities around you that allow you to enjoy the area you are in even more. This is also a great time to try some new healthy foods or to enjoy foods that are locally grown to the area. (Flathead cherries just taste better when you are in Flathead County - just sayin'.)

Include Your Travel Buddies

Ask your travel companions to come along with you. If you have scouted out a great Sunrise Yoga class on the beach, invite them to come along with you. Look for a few opportunities to build memories together while being active - it usually makes for the best adventures!

Pack Smart to be Successful

There are simple things you can pack to make sure you have options. If you are planning on flying and don't want to indulge in airport food, you can stock your bag with protein bars, jerky and a variety of healthy nuts like almonds and pistachios to keep you snacking healthy while traveling. You can also make sure that you have some basic workout equipment and activewear in your bag so you have what you need to get in those workouts.

Have the Right Tools

There are some simple things you can pack that take up little room in your suitcase and will really expand your options for workouts. Resistance tubes, jump ropes and maybe some power bands will give you a wide variety of options for cardio and strength exercises to target every muscle in your body.

Your vacation from your everyday routine does not have to mean a vacation away from healthy living! It can be a great deal of fun to explore, experiment and enjoy your trip even more.