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Like many others who work in the Fitness Industry, Iím occasionally asked what keeps me motivated?

Finding Inspiration

By: Joshua Lee, NASM CPT, PES, FNS, B.S. Human Performance

Like many others who work in the Fitness Industry, Iím occasionally asked what keeps me motivated? Itís no mystery that many people go through a sort of on again, off again cycle when it comes to the ďgym lifeĒ or even living a healthy lifestyle. Healthclubs everywhere tend to see dramatic spikes in club usage during January and February after New Yearís resolutions are made and inevitably usage numbers return to baseline averages by April or May.

We also hear so much about diets and which one is the best to maybe lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks or whatever the case may be. The term ďdietĒ implies temporary action which not surprisingly tends to produce temporary results. So, the question is a fair one; how do many of us stay motivated to be consistent and strive for continued progress without falling off the wagon?

For myself, Iím inspired by those around me who are maybe just starting their journey, or some who have stayed the course for the long haul and saw the reward of achieving their ultimate goals. As much as trainers and other professionals in the Fitness Industry help people reach their goals, those people around us who jump in and give it their all are often major inspirations back to us.

I remember one of my first clients years ago who simply wanted to gain a better quality of life for herself as a woman in her 60ís who suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was overweight. Her condition had made simple tasks quite difficult and hobbies she once enjoyed such as golf basically impossible.

She began her fitness journey by pouring her every bit of energy and dedication into working out 4 days a week and improving her nutrition. Iíll never forget close to a year after I began working with her she came in one morning beaming with pride and excited to tell me she had played a full 18 holes of golf virtually pain free and was planning on going again that weekend. It was in that moment I realized the fulfillment as a trainer for me wasnít always going to be training an athlete to run faster or jump higher, but with real people who desperately desired a better quality of life.

Iíll never forget Linda and Iíve met so many people like her over the years whose journeys have kept me motivated not only professionally in the industry but on a personal level as well with my own goals. Fitness is not about temporary results or improvements but about a lifestyle that can be maintained for years. I believe itís necessary to find your own source of inspiration to keep you focused over time. What is fulfilling to you and what keeps you on track? Once youíve identified that component, itís easy to stay fulfilled and focused on your journey!