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Fall Youth Activities

Granite offers a variety of youth activities and programs.

Granite's Soccer Kids - Developmental soccer program designed to give kids a jump start on basic soccer techniques and fundamental sports skills. For kids aged 3-6 years old.

Swim Lessons - Designed to teach children the fundamentals of swimming in a fun and patient environment. A progressive level format is used to continuously build on skills learned.

Elite SST - For Junior High and High School athletes looking to build their performance in their respective sports which training for injury prevention.

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Here are some good habits to start with to get your kids off the couch and active.

Tips on Raising Healthy, Active Kids

Molly Reas - Nationally Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor at Granite Health & Fitness, Elementary Health Enhancement Teacher, and Mother of Three (boys ages 8, 10, & 12)

September is “Childhood Obesity Month” and what better way to spotlight this national epidemic than by tackling some issues underlying the problem. As a mother of three myself, I am well aware of the challenges parents face in trying to raise healthy children. The best place to start is by recognizing habits and being a good role model for your kids to follow.

Electronics, need I say more. All of these “must have” devices keep our children from participating in physical activity. This one can be tough for parents since it means they should put their devices away along with their kids’. Realistically monitor the amount of time your child is in front of a screen. When an electronic is turned on, so is a timer. Your child will soon begin to get selective with when they want to use electronics, or conserve their overall allotted screen time. Experts suggest no more than one-hour total screen time each day.

Sports are now focused around competition rather than playing for fun or activity. They have become inviting to only the athletic kid and are actually a deterrent to exercise. Today, our kids are forced to play sports in order to win. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a great defeat just as much as anybody. However, I also understand the importance of teaching our kids that success in movement comes from hard work, effort, and fun. Look for opportunities within our community that offer these benefits. PEAK (Providing Enhanced Activities for Kids) for example is an after school ‘activity first’ program we’ve started in several Billings elementary schools with the support of Granite Health & Fitness and Scheels.

Along with exercise, our children need proper nutrition. When rushing from one activity to the next, we need healthy food on-the-go. The easiest way to ensure we make the best nutritional choices is to simply plan ahead. Pre-make nutritious meals that can be cooked now, refrigerated, and reheated for later. Make your own healthy protein bars for easy access. Precut, portion, and bag produce for convenience during the week. When you must grab on the go, call ahead or order healthier options online. I also try to keep low-sugar, high-nutrient content snacks in the car with plenty of water.

Raising healthy kids looks much easier on paper. In addition to the ideas mentioned, try a few of these simple tricks. Delegate chores that require physical activity (i.e. mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk, raking leaves, or shoveling snow). When shopping and cooking, include your child. Help them make decisions that will initiate ownership of healthy behaviors. Make mealtimes stress-free without unnecessary distractions (TV, homework, phones). Avoid sodas and sugary drinks that provide only empty calories, lower bone density, and unwanted cavities. Lastly, make sure to point out the added benefits of making healthy choices.

All in all, it’s not about a specific weight on a scale, but about getting kids active while enjoying the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Your child will have more energy, sleep soundly, have a higher self-esteem, and even perform better in school. As a parent, by setting a good example, you too will relish in all of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.